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Dear Guests,
We are looking forward to meet you in our small paradise.
We try all to keep the risk for contagion down.
PLEASE keep distance of minimum 2 meter to other guests and us.
Dispenser with Disinfection liquid is in front of the Information, in the kitchen, and by the entre of WC & Shower facilities. We will ask you kindly to take your own Disinfection Liquid in your travel luggage.
By health problems (CORONA) during your stay in our small paradise please stay in your caravan /camper or cabin and call me up TELEFON: 0045 65 96 76 41. I will make the contact to the hospital directly.
By your arrival you will get a brochure with all normal practical Information, like opening time of the Information & gate. This Information is still actually. 
We take care for distance between our guests by following restrictions:
ONE person in the Information + smiling me
TO person in the kitchen
To person in the ladies room
To person in the gentleman room
Following facilities are open as well:
One shower for ladies and one shower for gentleman in the small facility building
Family bathing room no. 1 and no. 2
It is forbidden for children to use the facilities alone, you have to go with your child.
There is no playing ground on the Camping, overnight of children under 12 year are free of charge.